Custom Scale hides taskbar icon in Windows 11

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If I change my scale from 250 default to 260 some icons by the clock area will be non visible on my taskbar.

I do not mean hidden.

This occurs with all version of Windows 11 so far.

The LMI icon is missing, I go back to 250 default the icon returns and displays correctly.


You can see from the image attached between Avast icon & Wireless there is an icon missing.

It should show LogMeIn

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I have an idea to stay on the default scaling settings, but run the Magnifier feature > set to 115% zoom - enable full-screen mode in magnifier settings.
please write how it works for you :)

I will wait for Microsoft to fix i, I can use Winaero Tweaker to adjust fonts which works so much better anyway.@A1-A1 

I do not use additional utilities - after all, all the settings are in Windows.!