Ctrl V Stopped Working (Tried Almost Everything!)

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Hi, my Ctrl + V shortcut has suddenly stopped working.

What works:

L Ctrl: 

R Ctrl: ✔



L Ctrl + C: 

L Ctrl + V: ✖

R Ctrl + C: 

R Ctrl + V: 

L Ctrl + T, L Ctrl + R, L Ctrl + A, L Ctrl + X: ✔✔✔✔


I have tried L Ctrl + T, + R, + A, + X  they work, therefore the L Ctrl key must NOT be faulty?

The V key works independently and I can type with it, but L Ctrl + V does not work - how is this possible?


What I have tried:
1) Restarting computer

2) Enabling Ctrl shortcuts via CMD Admin prompt

3) Updating keyboard driver

4) Uninstalling keyboard driver

5) Keyboard troubleshooter

6) Clearing clipboard via cmd /c "echo off | clip"

7) Resetting keyboard language


Laptop: HP OMEN 15-en0008na


Once again, all keys work independently (including "V") - what else can I try?


Thank you in advance

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I experience a similar issue on two different model Dell Inspiron laptops. On a rare occasion Ctrl +V will randomly work but mostly it doesn't. It only happens for pasting (copying/moving) files and folders. I can "cut" any file or folder but pasting fails and it even triggers the windows default beep.


The issue began almost immediately after a fresh install. Now that I think about it, I ran an advanced Windows Debloater utility on both Laptops and selected many annoying things to debloat. I didn't change anything that at least to me obviously points to the keyboard. I'm just putting this out there as a possibility worth investigating.

Same happened to me. The method I used is very... stupid... but it worked.
Go to your keyboard language settings. Change your default input language to another. Then change it back again... it is said, while doing this, keyboard resets input settings... I don't know if it's true, but it worked for me.


Same problem and I tried everything I found online but nothing worked

Found any other solution?

@Jameel10100  Same problem, solved by adding another keyboard layout (English Irish), switching to that (Ctrl-v worked), then switched back to English US.

For anyone struggling with this - the laptop manufacturer may have software running that swaps keys. The "Lenovo Vantage" software does this too. The FN key is swapped with the CTRL key. (I have a few choice words for this software package).
Most laptop makers have something like this.