Ctrl V Stopped Working (Tried Almost Everything!)

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Hi, my Ctrl + V shortcut has suddenly stopped working.

What works:

L Ctrl: 

R Ctrl: ✔



L Ctrl + C: 

L Ctrl + V: ✖

R Ctrl + C: 

R Ctrl + V: 

L Ctrl + T, L Ctrl + R, L Ctrl + A, L Ctrl + X: ✔✔✔✔


I have tried L Ctrl + T, + R, + A, + X  they work, therefore the L Ctrl key must NOT be faulty?

The V key works independently and I can type with it, but L Ctrl + V does not work - how is this possible?


What I have tried:
1) Restarting computer

2) Enabling Ctrl shortcuts via CMD Admin prompt

3) Updating keyboard driver

4) Uninstalling keyboard driver

5) Keyboard troubleshooter

6) Clearing clipboard via cmd /c "echo off | clip"

7) Resetting keyboard language


Laptop: HP OMEN 15-en0008na


Once again, all keys work independently (including "V") - what else can I try?


Thank you in advance

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