Clipboard History does not recognize the Delete key on Windows 11

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I recently moved to Windows 11 (installed from scratch), and as soon as it was ready I activated the Clipboard History with the Win+V shortcut, since I really liked this feature on Windows 10.

But after a short while I noticed the Windows 11 Clipboard History does not recognize the Delete key anymore. 

On Windows 10 this works:

- Invoke the Clipboard History with Win+V 

- Scroll to the entry you want to delete with your arrow keys

- Hit Delete on your keyboard and that entry will be removed from the history. Clipboard History remains open so you can repeat this for as many entries as you like.


On Windows 11:

- Invoke the Clipboard History with Win+V 

- Scroll to the entry you want to delete with your arrow keys

- Hit Delete on your keyboard, then the Clipboard History closes with no error or message. If you invoke the Clipboard History again, the entry is still there. 


So apparently there are only two options on Windows 11 now, use the "Clear all" button to remove all the entries from the history. Or click the 3 dots next to each entry you want to remove and then click Delete, which is... annoying if compared to Windows 10.


Is there a way to make the Delete key work again?

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@wwddss Yeah, I also experience this and it is very annoying. This is the main reason I have not yet upgraded my main PC to Windows 11. Still on Windows 10. Hope they fix it soon.

Please post here if you or anyone else have any workarounds.

This is driving me crazy! I really don't understand why MS keeps eliminating options that many people find useful. I use Explorer Patcher to have non-combining, labeled buttons on my taskbar (the most egregious change made in Windows 11, IMHO) but have yet to find a fix for this clipboard issue.
Yes, the absence of a dedicated keyboard shortcut for deleting Clipboard History items in Windows 11 is really disappointing. Especially considering the fact that it is present in Windows 10 (the "Delete" button).

At the moment we can only hope that eventually Microsoft will bring this option to Windows 11 as well.
Same issue and still not fixed. It was a very nice feature on Win 10 and it's an annoying thing in Win 11 now. Clipboard manager(a thing that is managed from keyboard) can't be manager from keyboard(basic actions: add, modify, delete). Shame for developers...
I join to confirm that, as july 2023, still the DELETE key closes the popup instead of deleting the single clipboard item.
I agree. I really miss the delete-button-funcion!
I experience the same thing. I never understood the logic behind REMOVING perfectly working features that don't bother anyone else.
I also miss the feature in win 11 to delete an entry in the clipboard history by the delete button.
This was very handy to copy several values from one place to another place.
Now you need a lot more buttons pressed and mouse interaction for the same task.


A few days ago I got a new computer with Windows 10 and upgraded to 11. I use the clipboard a lot and just found that I cannot delete entries. Very annoying, but actually it's not that the delete key is not working - the delete key actually deletes from your text! Maybe you haven't noticed, because the cursor is at the end of the text, but if you move at the middle, bring the clipboard, hit delete and one character of the text is gone and the clipboard closes. I'm thinking of downgrading back to W10. Not only because of the clipboard, but for just a few days of using it, I feel it's not that stable as W10.