Chrome & FIrefox crashing upon startup on Windows 11

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Tonight both Firefox and Chrome are suddenly crashing moments after I launch them.  Chrome flashes the profile window beforehand and Firefox flashes some kind of error message that is only on the screen for a millisecond.


I had been using Firefox 2 hours prior with no issues before it crashed on me.  My second try was Chrome, which at first launched fine for a minute then crashed.  Last effort, which I'm on now, is Edge, which appears to be working fine.


This happened out of the blue tonight.  I'm on Windows 11 Home (10.0, Build 22000) Any help is much appreciated.

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Did you try reinstalling Chrome/Firefox and confirm if the issue is still occurring. Ensure you download the Chrome/Firefox installers from official sites. Don't download the installers from any other sites even though they rank up well in search.