Cannot Save Pinned Tiles Layout in Start Menu

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I upgraded my Windows 11 to Build 22622.436 some days back, and then this issue started happening.


I pinned some apps to Start, but the layout was reset after a reboot. I didn't some troubleshooting, and found if I restarted the process StartMenuExperienceHost, the layout would be reset.


Here're some actions I have taken:

1. Restart my laptop. 

2. Run sfc /scannow with an escalated PowerShell console.

3. Run lots of troubleshooters.

4. Rebuild icon cache:

4.1 Kill Explorer, remove iconcache*.db in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer\, then start Explorer.

4.2 Kill Explorer, remove %LOCALAPPDATA%\iconcache.db, then start Explorer.


Can anyone advise how I can get it sorted out? Thank you.

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