Cannot safely remove USB drives

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When windows Explorer is open cannot safely remove USB devices in window 11 22H2 OS Build 22621.963 . It says its been used and please close all. After closing the explorer (In mind that nothing relate to USB drive is open) it gives this error.

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This happens to me quite a bit. I use Microsoft power toys and they introduced a new tool called file locksmith. Basically, you right click a drive, file or folder select more options and click what is using this file. Software will tell you exactly what is open for that item you selected.

Go to windows store and download power toys from Microsoft. This app has a bunch of useful tools to help make windows better. The tool you are looking for is file locksmith. Right click on the external device and select more options. Click on what is using this file. File locksmith will open and after a few moments will display the open services being in use. Click end on each service then eject again. If after a few minutes and file locksmith is still searching it means nothing is running. Try to eject again and it should work.