Cannot add bluetooth headphones windows 11

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I am running windows 11 22H2 on my PC, but my bluetooth headset has stopped working. I have tried to remove the devince, but when I try to re-discover, nothing is found. The same is the case if I try another headset (have asccess to a set from Jabra and headphones from BOSE). I can connect both devices to my iPad, my iPhone and to my laptop running windows 10.


I have tried the trouble shooting recomended by Microsoft and tried 2 different Bluetooth dongles. Looks like both are using the same devicedriver, the one from Realtek, which is dated 01.11.2021, but have not found anything newer. The dongle is connected directly to a USB-port on the PC and is rated for a distance up to 30 meter.


Anyhone out there who could help me find out on what to do?


Best regards


Ulf H.


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It may be a bad driver.
You can check what Bluetooth device vendor is and look for reinstall/update driver.

Thank you so much for your answer, but I doubt it’s the driver, though I will recheck when I’m back at home. I’m on a vacation for 6 weeks now