Can you move the pop up labels For icons on the Task bar in Windows 11

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I have a lot of icons on my taskbar and when I go to click on them the icon label pops up always under the cursor, which makes access to the icon impossible, till you move the cursor off and then back onto the icon. I find this to be extremely frustrating. Can we move the pop up label so it comes up beside the icon or even under the icon and not over it?



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Yes, this is my issue as well. Exact same problem - I mouse over the taskbar and text appears in about a second or two preventing clicking on the icon that I want from the taskbar. My favorite example of this is where the word "Start" appears to block the Start Menu icon in the Taskbar, (when the mouse hovers over the icon) preventing a click on the Start Menu itself!! To the point, if a user doesn't know what the Windows Start Menu looks like as a graphical 2022, maybe computers aren't that user's thing. MSFT should get how this aid is silly to flash in's common sense and/or basically learning...a mouse in an experiment could figure it out for the proverbial food reward.


Have been looking for a configuration setting or a regedit option to nuke this. Right clicking the Taskbar to get into Taskbar Settings does NOT seem to do the trick. Also tried looking thru the options under 'system.cpl' - also seems to be a NO go. Wondering if anyone knows the right way to modify this...for me, I'd just like to turn off the text 'assistance' - I know what apps I have pinned to the Taskbar (after all, I pinned most of them!! :) )

I agree, the labels popping up on top of the taskbar icon is a PAIN.  You have no more than a second to click the icon before the popup label covers the icon and then you have to move off the icon then back on the icon and them make sure you click in less than a second.

I know what my icons are, I DON'T NEED the popup labels for the icons.

Following this topic because this same issue plagues me as well :(

There must be a way by editing registry. I am too frustrated by pop up ballon telling me that I'm pointing to Start button and the pop up baloon prevents me from clicking the Start button and the popup baloon stay there for ever. Someone was asleep on the steering in Ministry of UX inMicrosloth...

@woblypegsGood news: There is an app that takes care of this problem; as well as other customizing features. It is called 'Startallback' and is found on    I just discovered this today...I was pleasantly surprised to see that the pop-up labels don't block the taskbar icons anymore.

Thanks very much, this is excellent, it puts the interface back to the way it used to be which is far better, and way more user friendly than the way it is now. I don't understand why they did this, it's like somebody at Microsoft is trying to reinvent the wheel and has given us a cube.

However it is a shame that we will be charged for this app when these features should come as part of windows.

I understand this was done to combat the popularity of the Google operating system, well News Flash Microsoft, the best way to get more people using the competitions software is to piss them off with yours.



There are problems with this program. The one I find the most annoying is when I right click on a folder and choose open in new window, it crashes explorer. This problem is even more annoying than the original problem and as such I have decided not to use this app. Great idea though just needs some tweaks.
Has anyone come up with an actual solution? How do we get Microsoft's attention to address this? They need to fix it in their next update. Are we just talking to ourselves here? Do Microsoft staff never use their own software? How could they not notice this annoying irritating user interface superbug? This is just so frustrating!! MICROSOFT FIX IT!!!