Can't remove AzureAD user account from laptop

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Hello All,

I have a laptop that my user initially setup with his AzureAD account I want to change it to a local account but when I try to do this following the instructions I found online the users AzureAD account doesn't display in control panel users accounts. The only was I see tha AzureAD user account that I want to delete is if I login with that AzureAD user account. I have 2 other admin accounts on the device one is an AzureAD account the other is a local admin account but when I login with those I don't see the AzureAD user accoun that I want to delete. When I login with the AzureAD account that I want to delete Windows says I can't delete an account that is logged in. Does anyone know why I can't see the AzureAD account when I am logged in with  another AzureAD admin or local admin acct?

Thanks for any ideas.


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Refer this guide:

When it asks alternate account info, kindly put the local account details and proceed.

Let us know if this helps!

Note: Included link in this reply refers to blog post by a trusted Microsoft MVP.