Can´t open OneDrive files or save files to OneDrive

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I installed Windows 11 a couple of days ago and now I had the need to open a PowerPoint file which is stored in my OneDrive For Business...


When I open the file PowerPoint just crashes, trying to open again with safe mode, it still crashes.

Tried the same with Excel and Word and it´s crashing all the time.


Tried to download th file from my onedrive to C: and then it works and I can open the file..


I tried to store an Excel file in to my OneDrive as well and it act the same, it crashes... 


Anyone experience the same? I´ve tried to reinstall Office and OneDrive. Even tried a different version of OneDrive but nothing helps, what can I do?


I have now:

Windows 11 Enterprise 22000.318

OneDrive: 21.205.1003.0005 


Thanks in advance!

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