can someone help me with this adres

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so today i decide to use netstat in cmd and it shows me one very suspicious addres 

this one 

TCP lu-in-f188:5228 ESTABLISHED

my question is, is this a virus,  or hacker ? or maybe its just some normal website addres 

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hey umm i use this command again and its now show this 

TCP lt-in-f188:5228 ESTABLISHED

i did this one more time and it changed again 

TCP li-in-f188:5228 ESTABLISHED


This is the connection setting:

The IP address **** connected to the address **lu-in-f188** on port **5228**. The connection is established, which means that data is transferred between the two addresses.

umm so what does it means ? sorry but im not rly a cumputer guy

its not a virus ? becuse now its gone for some reason just dont show up after i use this command

it appears that this connection only show up when i open up google or microsoft edge
can u reply pls
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@Alien1725  :)

All good - in the link below there are dozens of such connections, cheers.

 netstat is this normal? - Microsoft Community