Can I download Facebook video to my computer Windows 11?

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I’m in a bit of a bind and hoping for some expert advice. I need to download videos from Facebook onto my Windows 11 PC for work-related projects. These videos often contain tutorials and demonstrations that are essential for my ongoing professional development and reference. Unfortunately, my attempts so far haven't yielded any successful results using the methods I’ve found online. Security and maintaining the original quality of the videos are my top priorities. Could anyone recommend a reliable and safe method or software that works well with Windows 11? Your suggestions will be invaluable to my workflow. Thank you!

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For downloading Facebook videos on your Windows 11 PC, I recommend using yt-dl, It's free, open source and reliable, and it can maintain high video quality. Download and install it from the official website, then copy the Facebook video URL and use the software to download the video. This should meet your security and quality needs.




To save a Facebook video to your computer, copy the video's URL, then head to an online FB video downloader like Getfvid. Paste the URL there, choose your video quality, and hit download. That's it!


NOTE:  Using online Facebook video downloader tools can be risky. This is because they send you intrusive advertisements and violate your privacy. In addition, some tools may result in poor video quality or even failure to download the video correctly.


I knowyt-dl it's a free and open-source tool, but it is a command line program without a GUI, which can be a bit daunting for those unfamiliar with command line interfaces. While it is powerful, the lack of a GUI may make it less user-friendly!


Personally, I would suggest you to use the Chrome plugin to download facebook video to computer, such tools are usually integrated in the browser, or if you don't mind the ads you can also use online facebook video downloader, you google it.

Thanks for your reply. I'm still hesitant to try online Facebook video downloader tools because my home internet speed is very slow. I need to download a dozen videos from Facebook, so the download speed may be slow. I hate ads too!

Do you know Firefox Browser with Video Downloader Helper? Sure, you can use the Firefox browser along with an add-on called Video Downloader Helper to download Facebook video.

I've got to say that using yt-dl to download videos from Facebook can be a bit of a wild ride. yt-dl is a command-line tool that requires some technical know-how to use. If you're not familiar with command-line interfaces or coding, you might find it overwhelming, It doesn't support all Facebook video formats, which can be frustrating if you're trying to download a specific type of video.

I've tried using yt-dl to download Facebook videos on my Windows 11 computer, and while it's worked okay for some videos, I've had some issues with quality and compatibility. I've also had to deal with the complexity of using command-line interfaces, which can be a bit of a headache.


I know there are browser plugins that can download Facebook videos, but I'm concerned that they might slow down the browser or cause other performance issues. Has anyone used these plugins? Are they reliable, secure, and won't affect browser speed or security? Any suggestions or insights would be helpful. Thanks!


So, What do you think? Would you prefer using an online Facebook video downloader tool despite the risks, or are you open to trying a more secure method like yt-dl, even though it’s a command-line program without a GUI?


Considering the risks associated with online facebook video downloader tools, such as intrusive ads and privacy issues, I recommend trying yt-dl for a safer experience. Although it is a command-line program and has no GUI, it is powerful and ad-free. You can also try some desktop tools to download Facebook video to your computer. Google it!

I used to use those free online video downloader tools to grab stuff from Facebook and YouTube, but those tools can be risky. That being said, I believe those tools are still available to use.

Hello @Adams1880 , I understand the importance of having those tutorial and demonstration videos for your professional development.


A reliable and secure method to download Facebook videos onto your Windows 11 PC is using the website This site allows you to download Facebook videos and Reels with quality up to 1080p, ensuring that you maintain the original quality of the videos.


To download a video, simply follow these steps:

  • 1. Copy the URL of the Facebook video you wish to download.
  • 2. Go to .
  • 3. Paste the URL into the input box on
  • 4. Click the "Download" button and choose the video quality you prefer.


This method is straightforward and secure, helping you get the videos you need without compromising on quality.

I hope this helps with your work-related projects! :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The only advice is not to use the free online video downloading tools. It's very risky and I experienced that - my browser hijacked by a virus to some ads pages.
its completely ads free for now, and i will only put Google ads in it after 2026. until you can use it without watching any ads .

@Adams1880 Using online tools for downloading Facebook videos comes with several risks. One primary concern is privacy and data security. These tools often require users to input the video URL and sometimes personal information, which can be intercepted by malicious actors. If the website hosting the tool is compromised, it could lead to unauthorized access to your Facebook account or other personal data. Additionally, some of these sites may embed trackers or cookies that monitor your browsing habits without your consent, leading to potential privacy invasions.


Another significant risk is the potential for malware infection. Many online Facebook video downloader tools are hosted on websites that might not have stringent security measures. These sites could distribute malware, spyware, or adware along with the video file. Once downloaded, these malicious programs can infect your device, leading to various issues such as data theft, system slowdowns, and unwanted advertisements. In some cases, the malware can be sophisticated enough to cause severe damage, such as encrypting your files and demanding ransom for their release.

@Adams1880Another actionable way to download Facebook videos is by recording the screen when playing the video. This method involves using screen recording software to capture the video playback directly from your screen. By doing so, you avoid sharing any personal information or video URLs with potentially untrustworthy websites, significantly reducing the risk of data theft or privacy invasions. Additionally, since the Facebook video downloading process is handled locally on your device, you are less likely to encounter malware that often accompanies downloads from questionable online tools.


Despite its advantages, screen recording has its limitations and challenges if you are going to download Facebook videos to a computer. The quality of the recorded video may not match the original, especially if your screen recording software or hardware is not capable of capturing high-definition video smoothly. There can also be issues with capturing audio clearly and in sync with the video, which may require additional adjustments or editing. Furthermore, this method can be time-consuming, as you need to play the entire video in real-time to record it, unlike downloading which is often faster and more straightforward.