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Jun 05 2024, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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[BUG?] Win11 animations stutter on hybrid GPU and when using two monitors on Nvidia dGPU laptop

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Dear Community, 


I would like to bring here a problem that maybe not many noticed, 


1. Windows 11 (including 22h2)

2. Laptop with for example Intel 12700H/iGPU

2. Dedicated GPU such as RTX 3080/3070

3. Mux Switch/Optimus Enabled (Hybrid GPU)
4. Laptop that allows external monitor be connected directly to dGPU 


Now considering a laptop with all this aspects, the problem:


A. Enable optimus/hybrid GPU Mode

B. Keep both internal laptop monitor and external monitor enabled/ON 

C. Test Windows 11 animations such as maximizing file explorer from start bar to full screen, do it multiple times, now try something else, other applications, more noticeable with Discord, maximize, minimize, leave discord try again file explorer etc..

Remember/record the animation smoothness/quality.


Now, test the same with those terms:
A. Turn off internal monitor, keep external only (via display settings, choose monitor 2 only)
B. Test with hybrid GPU disabled, when only dGPU is enabled.
C. Test with external monitor connected directly to iGPU port if your laptop has it

You will notice in those 3 cases, animations much more consistent, smooth and stable. 
Although second option, dGPU only, would still give some animation stutter, as long as internal monitor is ON together with extended monitor, turn off internal monitor, this would make animations on external monitor super smooth, this is I guess something Nvidia/Microsoft could optimize to perfect it.

Sum up, Intel/Nvidia/Microsoft, somewhere in between, should look into this to correct the animations experience when using hybrid GPU with external monitor connected to dGPU port.


Feel free share your epxerience/test results as well.


Thank you.

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@ryzenadvanced I have the same issue on a PC with AMD Ryzen 5 1600AF + GTX 1080, with an FHD Dell monitor and 4K external portable monitor connected, at least when pressing Win+Tab. Interesting that it happens only when windows are opened. When they are minimized, the animation is smooth.

@ryzenadvanced Yeah Im experiencing it too and to be honest nothing helps. It doesnt matter if I plug my igpu or dgpu the result is same animations are laggy. Even tho I tried to troubleshoot it - actually reinstalled whole system the problem still stays. I dont know if the problem may not be worsen by the fact that displays has different refresh rates.