Brower and outlook issues after launch in WIN 11

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Recently got a Dell all in one PC with Win 11.  Both Chrome and Outlook error on launch but start working after 2-5 minutes.  Task bar network status icon always indicates internet access.  My HP laptop does the same thing.  Is this a feature of Win 11 or possibly some Norton 360 related issue?

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What is the error message?
Have you installed all updates for the Windows?
What version of Microsoft Office did you install?
Are you facing the same issue in the Microsoft Edge too?


Error is that there is no internet connectivity, Outlook fails to connect.  Network status show connected.

WIN 11 update is current (last checked 12 hrs ago)

Microsoft 365 Family

Edge has the same issue.

Are you using Norton 365 firewall?
If yes, just for test, try enable the Windows Firewall and then disable the Norton 365 Firewall and check if the problem reproduces?