Bluetooth Profile Pack (Microsoft Store Update)

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it has been several days now since an update for "Bluetooth (R) Profile Pack" is stuck in the update queue within the Microsoft store. a picture of the update is included in this post. there are no processes in task manager titled "Bluetooth profile pack" that i can End to resolve the error code: Code: 0x80073D02. neither does turning off the Bluetooth radio in control panel let the update finish installing. Screenshot 2023-10-15 135613.png

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@cam8528 same thing for me... every day the update tries to install but with no success.

@cam8528 same issue here…

After some days of just trying to update it, it eventually went through for me.
Just keep trying over the course of a few days / maybe a week
I have successfully upgraded it after exiting the YourPhone app

@kitasan even this didn’t work for me… it’s been over a month…

Thanks! Here it worked!
This didn't work for me at first either, but then I have found the process "Smartphone-Link" in the Taskmanager and stopped it. Then the update installed successfully.

@cam8528 Close the Phone App then it will install.

Someone suggested to close the app last time (was it around this same time last year this was happening?) What would you have me do to close the app? Pressing terminate in settings does not remedy the issue allowing it to update.

@cam8528 The App places an icon bottom right on the tool bar for me. I right-click and it offers "Open" or "Quit", so I Quit.  Then I re-ran the Update in Microsoft Store and it did so post-haste!


There have been almost weekly updates to the Phone Link App for some time now, so I suspect they fixed some issues, just not all.  I am using an Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max iOS 17.1.1 with an Intel NUC 11 Gen running Windows 11 Pro Beta.  This Phone Link feature has been much improved since it was offered and in a few months it may become useful and workable.

Sorry now it’s the Phone Link app which will not update. I was able to do the Bluetooth profile pack update a long time ago. Now it is the Phone Link app which won’t update.
Ok I will try harder to push get this update to go through from the windows store
As I said "it's a work in progress".
we're good. its up and running. I have a couple things to note:
i got it working. i went into app settings for phone link, and there are 2 repair buttons. one repair button says it resets the app and keeps its settings. pressing that repair button did not work. the second repair button says it resets the app and -removes- user settings. i reluctantly clicked the repair button that removed my user settings (knowing i'd have to turn off Bluetooth on both my PC and Iphone, Forget device on my iphone bleutooth settings, Forget device on my PC Bluetooth settings, then go through the pairing process again with the link to windows app from the apple app store) The second repair button that removed my user data Worked. It Allowed the Phone Link update that was stuck in the windows store to Complete its Update. Furthermore in order to allow the devices to pair with each other using the link to windows app in the iphone store, you have to Go Into Bluetooth Settings In Both Devices And Forget Each Counterpart Device Before Trying To Pair Them Using Phone Link

If your phone is already paired over the Link to Windows app on your phone, AND the Phone Link app on your pc, then why do you have to pair your phone a second time to activate the Dynamic Lock feature offered by windows defender?

i fixed it. you have to set up dynamic lock FIRST,
THEN set up the Phone Link app
Goos stuff!
Just killing PhoneExperienceHost.exe (or something like that) and turning off bluetooth worked for me
Thank you (: