BlueScreens win11 - only when PC is idle

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My computer has been bluescreening for a few months only when its idle. tried reinstalling windows, memory test,  updated drivers/bios.


from what i can tell the dumps don't always point to the same issue so any advice would be appreciated thanks!

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These minidumps also do not mention any driver as causing the crashes.
I suggest you use the Driver Verifier utility. This utility is used to force the system to show the driver causing the problem.

Before turning on Driver Verifier, I like to create a restore point just in case. I suggest doing the same.

Turn on Driver Verifier, let the system crash 3 times, then turn off Driver Verifier. Send the minidumps that the crashes created.


I got some new dumps (hopefully with driver driver turned on)!AiTDachGMPFu-hRywWJ5H2PHEV5B?e=xyFIBT
In this blog has much more information about this issue. It really helpful for us. There are many more popular tech sites like tweak library, tech radar, windows report etc. also provided the same solutions.
Looking for any error messages or warnings in the Event Viewer around the time of the BSODs. This might provide additional clues about what's causing the crashes.