Bad audio quality when game, call, or emulator is open

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I'm here because this is frustrating me and I have no clue how to fix it.


Whenever I open a game, a voice channel in Discord, or my Android emulator (Bluestacks), my audio goes from clear to.... low quality. I use bluetooth headphones (Sony WH-XB700) and they're the only output and input device I have in my PC. (Dell XPS 8940)


It's like listening is fine, but once you open one of these things, it's like you put cotton inside of the headphones. It only happens when something other than my browser or usual Windows tasks are open. 

I've tried reinstalling the bluetooth drivers (multiple times), updating Windows, updating all the drivers, changing the audio enhancements -- nothing works. Is it just me? I can't find anything on this!

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Not sure if you have done this already but in these apps there may be an audio or voice settings. See if you can adjust this to make it better. I know for games they have an audio option but not sure if others do. See if this setting can help.

@Ethan_Garfinkle Thanks for the response! Unfortunately I did try that, but nothing seems to change.