AX201 bluetooth drain power when sleep in Windows 11

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my notebook only supports S0 modern standby mode but everytime in sleep mode the bluetooth device drain too much there any workaround?PIC-230911103749.jpgPIC-230911103813.jpg

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I have problem with window 10 enterprise
Derek what kind of bluetooth device is this? It seems to me like a simple idle process which also looks like its using 99% of your cpu but its just the opposite. You got your work cut out for your though since it is a notebook so ask yourself does this notebook run significantly longer without this bluetooth device plugged in. After I get that nailed down we should have no problem I am definitely not gonna let you loose sleep over a bluetooth situation thats not how we build around here my friend.

It's the Bluetooth Radio which is a part of Intel AX201 card.and I just wonder why it consumes so much battery power when the notebook get into modern standby sleep(10% in around 2.5 hours and even drain the battery to death).As i understand the bluetooth devices should be in sleep mode also when the notebook into sleep however it drains the battery power all the time.And if i disable the Bluetooth Radio and get the notebook into sleep mode then only 10%-12% each 24 hours will be consumed which is much reasonable.

Im tracking now Derek. You seem familiar enough where i can make this short. Run Device Manager find your intel AX201 card that is in bed with the Bluetooth radio right click it then click properties and the far right tab is power managment which should give you two options. 1. let the computer turn the HID off when not in use or 2. allow the device to wake the computer. If you dont see this option "highly unlikely you wont" then qualify your situation with a few more questions so I can driil down to the root of what we will soon find not to be an issue at all. I like that you have done your research you can tell it in your post.

Thanks for your assistance my friend.I didn't see the "power management" tab in AX201 properties.And i have tried below steps but none of them works.
1. Check Power Settings:
Ensure that power settings are optimized for energy efficiency. Go to Windows power settings and adjust the options for sleep mode.

2. Update Drivers:
Check the manufacturer's website for updates to the bluetooth drivers.

3. Disable USB Selective Suspend:
In some situations, USB Selective Suspend can interfere with Bluetooth operation during sleep mode. You can disable it in advanced power settings.




yeah my friend you just got a little unlucky on that chipset. good news is

Detailed Description
Important Notice

Driver package 22.240.0 has been validated to support Microsoft Windows 11*
From the Bluetooth release 22.210.X package onwards, the Windows 10 32-bit driver for products 7265(Rev. D),3165 and 3168 will only receive updates to address potential security vulnerabilities. Last available Windows 10 32-bit driver version is from package 22.200.0


Intel® Wireless Bluetooth® is recommended for end-users, including home users and business customers with Intel Wireless Bluetooth® technology.

Intel® Wireless Bluetooth® Package version 22.240.0

Windows® 10 64-bit and Windows 11*

Driver version : For AX411, AX211, AX210, AX203, AX201, AX200, AX101, 9560, 9462, 9461, 9260
The drivers also work on Intel® Killer™ AX1690, AX1675, AX1650, 1550
Driver version : For 7265(Rev. D), 3168, 3165
Intel® Wireless Bluetooth® Package version 22.200.0

Windows® 10 32-bit

Driver version : For 7265(Rev. D), 3168, 3165
Intel® Wireless Bluetooth® 22.200.0 driver has been updated to include functional and security updates. Users should update to the latest version.

you can head on over to and dpwnload that new driver set that addresses this issues as well as separate documentation explaining why when where . Not everyone gets that lucky. God speed my friend

Unfortunately after upgrading the bluetooth driver to latest version nothing changes :(


Thanks for sharing, in device manager, find the device in question and right click --> properties --> there should be a option in the menus somewhere to uncheck "let this device wake up computer".

No matter check or uncheck this option it still drain the power when modern standby sleep.The only solution I can find is to shut down the Bluetooth adapter before sleep @Deleted 

Oh, is this a Microsoft Adaptor?

This seems more of a issue on the OEM side.

Isn't there a way to turn off "modern standby"?
i tried to turn it off and return to the old S3 sleep mode then my notebook got blue screen of death issues from time to time.i think the BIOS from OEM manufacturer support modern standby(S0) only.
it is the Bluetooth Radis that integrated in Intel AX201 Wireless card.
I see, I am not really sure how to help as this is out of scope. Have tried chatting with Intel support?

Intel said  the battery power consumption is related to the Laptop's design and/or at an OS level. @Deleted 

I see, does this also drain that fast in Windows 10? It could be a OEM driver issue too... have tried chatting with OEM? I am jus trying to figure out options.
don't have this issue in Windows 10.And the OEM just asked me to upgrade to latest driver for bluetooth driver which didn't work.
Interesting, if possible please report this issue in the Feedback Hub and hopefully it will send the right device logs to the right team to fix. For now, please either stay on windows 11, shut down adaptor before turning of computer or going back Windows 10.

As this is a Windows 11 OS bug, its something can't be fixed by someone not on the engineering team!

Have a great day!

Tried chatting with Microsoft?
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i tried to fresh install the latest Windows 11 Pro 23H2 today and seems that the problem is gone:)

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