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May 31 2023, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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ASUS Motherboards - How do you install TPM 2.0?

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Hi All,

Maybe someone or some people, can help me...I know the Win 11Pro requirements are short on a lot of PCs, but, I have an ASUS Prime Z270+, according to ASUS support online, there's a beta for it that says it is for Win 11 support. Should I wait or try it out? I am not going to but am asking how to go about setting up a TPM 2.0, that's the big issue. My build is from 2017, i7 7700, not on MSs list but Asus puts out a Beta....I'm lost as to what to do, but Asus puts out a beta....

Now what?


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