Anyone who uses Windows 11 Enterprise IOT here?

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Are there any other users here of Windows 11 Enterprise IOT? Typically, you can only obtain this version through work or similar means. I got mine for "testing" purposes, and I must say it performs much better (with less bloat) than the standard editions of Windows.


The most recent build is almost on par with the latest insider builds. Features like language settings (which are usually problematic) and networking work seamlessly. I'm impressed so far and plan to explore some of the more interesting features of the IOT release.

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can you share the iso download file for Windows IoT Enterprise LTSC 2024 full version?


Windows 11 Enterprise IoT is widely used across industries where specialized, reliable, and secure computing solutions are required. Its versatility and robust feature set make it a preferred choice for organizations looking to leverage IoT technologies to improve efficiency and performance.