Alt codes not working properly on Notepad

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Just today, I was making some notes on Notepad, using Alt+NUM7 to add bullet points to my notes. After 2 consecutive successful uses, instead of creating the bullet character, it starts randomizing the character output, starting with the apostrophe character (') without namespace. When that happens, all Alt codes used afterward are randomized, unrecognizable, and then stop working. So far I have only encountered this problem on Notepad, and the pattern resets every time I start an instance of Notepad.


Below: using Alt+NUM7 multiple times on Notepad



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So I'm not the only one!
You have described exactly my same situation and it's kinda one of those issues that can be tricky to word into a useful search query. Thankfully my search engine showed where you said Alt+NUM7, which I use very frequently. Unfortunately, I do not yet know of any fix for this other than making the choice to revert to using notepad classic.


One alternative for the same bullet point, that works on the new notepad is Alt + 0149 (NumPad).

Although, for some reason, it comes up twice for me, when I key in the next character (even space/enter). So in this Notepad application, I just have to delete the second occurrence.

Close the current instance of Notepad and open it again to see if the issue persists. Sometimes, restarting the application can help resolve temporary glitches.