All downloads performed, by any browser, have viruses Possible error in Microsoft documentation

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I encountered the following issue: every download I attempted through any web browser was showing a virus detected message, even though I had Kaspersky Endpoint Security as my antivirus, and it was up to date.


I followed all the procedures in the following link  /en-us/topic/information-about-the-attachment-manager-in-microsoft-windows-c48a4dcd-8de5-2af5-ee9b-cd795ae42738, but

I did not succeed in resolving the issue.


In an attempt to solve the problem, I created the following registry key:



This resolved the issue by changing the value of "ScanWithAntiVirus" to 1.

The procedure in the link suggests changing the key in:




However, this did not resolve the problem.

I wanted to raise this issue to help others who may encounter the same problem in the future.

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Thanks for sharing!

What type of file was this?


Any file I wanted to download was showing this error .doc .jpeg .exe


Changing this registry key allowed me to download

Interesting, what happens when you disable your 3rd party antivirus? Same issue? Did you report this isuse? Is there anyway I could test these on myend?
Yes, I performed this test, even with the antivirus disabled, it still continues to show the same error, preventing me from downloading.

I also updated my Windows and performed the updates notebook dell, but it didn't solve the issue.

The only solution was to change this key

Interesting, is there any policies shown in edge://policies? Also, tried turning of the Microsoft Defender Smartscreenin edge settings?


We are having the same exact issue here. I have several computers that started doing this, earlier this week.  I even went so far as to remove the AV completely, I did the registry hack, I change the settings in attachment manager. Nothing seems to work.

I have run virus scans, malware scans, changed browser settings, (although it appears to be all browsers are affected) 

I am guessing it was a Windows update that may have caused the issue. I am at a total loss as to how to correct the issue. It is a big deal as we connect to a citrix platform, and it requires a download to run, every time we connect, but since it is blocked as a virus, with the same exact screen that is shown above, these computers cannot connect.