After my Windows 11 updates, it deletes files.

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Every time my Windows 11 updates (not from Windows 10 to Windows 11, just Windows 11 updates itself), I have following problem:

1) Download catalog is empty = all files are deleted

2) Internet browser is set to Edge, all synchronizations from previous browser are lost, I need to login again and change default programs to the ones I used previously.

3) Adobe reader is not default program to open PDF files


Additionally, my search bar is working OK, but I cannot open any program it found. Lets say I am searching calculator, it will appear but clicking on the icon will not open it, there is no reaction (and I am sure my mouse is working well).


Anybody encountered similar issues?


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Hello Faffol

It seems to be a bigger Problem than installing Windows Updates with a Bug or something like that.

But can you first tell me:
1. Are you having the Windows 11 Insider Program?
2. Did you already scan your computer for any Virus etc.
3. I would prefer you run a repair of your Operation System

Please do open the cmd with:
1) Win + R
2) Type the command: sfc /scannow

See if the Problem is solved.
When not please continue it with this document:

Let me know if you still have the Problem.

Best regards