After installing KB5025239 i got secondary monitor issue reporting incorrect resolution

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Running Windows 11

I have 3 monitors of the same model LG 27GP850.
After installing latest KB5025239 the secondary and third monitor got all glitched out(could not see the desktop bad..) display and the LG OSD reports an unsupported resolution being used.
Checking Windows as well as Nvidia Control Panel(RTX 3070 gfx) settings and it's all set to 2560x1440(native) set for all detected monitors, still LG OSD reported a higher resolution sent to the "non primary monitor", can't remember exactly but it was just a bit higher than the native..
After uninstalling KB5025239 all monitor display issues was resolved.

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I advise you to open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app an report this issue.
Check and see if there is any new update available for your graphic card driver?
Thank you for the reply Reza.

Like a day after the patch there was a new nvidia driver available which I installed followed by resuming Windows updates and the issue has been resolved.
Without digging into any release note from Nvidia I will just go ahead and leave it there.

Best regards. /P
Glad problem have been fixed and thank you for sharing.