After connecting to a Hyper-V virtual machine, it displays a blank screen

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The answer given online is basically "turn off secure boot" or "turn off enhanced sessions", but that doesn't apply to my situation.


I didn't even install the system, I simply created a VM, booted it, and connected it.

But apparently I failed to connect. The problem is mainly between Hyper-V and RDP, not the VM itself.


In the thumbnail image displayed by Hyper-V, you can clearly see that the virtual machine is working fine.


Have any friends solved this problem? I suspect that a certain update caused the problem, and in 2022 I can still use Hyper-V normally, but not now.

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You are using the Tiny10 ISO based on the name you set for the VM? If yes, this might be the problem as a lot of features are removed from Tiny10.

@Jisonbronz It's just a name, I can't install the system, I can't get in.