After 6 days of public release have not received 22H2

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Hello everybody! It's been a week since Microsoft has released Windows 11 22H2 and I have not yet received it in the Windows update. Although I am already on Windows 11 build 22000.1042. My laptop meets all the requirements, and I got an eligible device. I am seeking your help about the delay because I was desperately waiting for 22H2 public release. #Windows11 , #22H2

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Hi @Jauhar 

How to get the Windows 11 2022 Update | Windows Experience Blog

According to the official information, the implementation of the update will be gradual>

of course, downloading the update assistant can help speed up the 22H2 deployment.

Download Windows 11 (


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Thank you dear :)
Thank you Eric. I was actually looking for the best place but could not find it. I do it always here. You did a great job pal :)
**if still needed** - Actually same here, I went to "Windows Installation Assistant" on Microsoft website and downloaded Windows 11 which updated to 22H2