Add Outlook to Share > Share with app in the Windows 11 context menu

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Please allow Outlook to be added to Share > Share with app in the Windows 11 context menu.


The Share menu item:



Let users add Outlook to "Share with app" like so:






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@Matthew Jarsky Thank you for showing it is possible, but could you kindly share how you did that exactly? How did you add Outlook to the share options? Thank you.

It’s not a real screenshot, its a mock-up.
Share option will only support applications from the Microsoft Store.
Your requirement is valid and I advise you to open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and share this feedback and you may share this screenshot and be more general and request for Win32 applications to be supported.

@Reza_Ameri what is the thought process behind this? It seems centered on home use scenarios. I have a hard time explaining this to the CEO of my company, that yes Windows Mail is in there (and Teams and the inevitable OneNote), but no, I can't hack Outlook in there. What's extra confusing, is that it does list recently mailed Outlook contacts, but that is useless when working in a corporate environment. It also isn't controllable with a GPO. We can't even disable/replace it with the standard context menu. I have managed to remove Windows Mail and OneNote completely, a move more alligned with corporate IT thinking.