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Jun 05 2024, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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4 months later, battery drain on Windows 11 remains unresolved

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I installed Windows 11 sometime in November 2021. It was the publicly launched version, I was never on any insider builds. I use a Dell XPS 17, which used to give me a battery of 8-9 hours of continuous usage on Windows 10.


After upgrading to Windows 11, I lose an average of 1% battery every minute. My laptop now lasts 75 minutes if I'm lucky. And during that while, the fans spin up in full flow because the machine gets heated up even though NO apps are open. I fiddled around with every setting possible, but none of it worked. There's even a thread in the Microsoft tech community where several others have voiced their concerns. But Microsoft seems to not care. I don't think they ever did.


The solution according to most people is to roll back to Windows 10. I lost my window of opportunity of 2 weeks as I didn't realize the magnitude of the issue. I know there are ways to go back to Windows 10 but I am not going to go to those lengths to get it back. I spend $3K on a laptop because I don't want to spend my time on diagnosing issues originating from the maker of the OS. Honestly, if I could sue Microsoft I would gladly have. If I didn't game, I would have used Ubuntu as my daily driver.


Isn't there anybody else affected by this problem? If so, are you just living with it or did you find a workaround? Will this issue ever be fixed?  Any advice is appreciated, thank you.

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