22621.2428 has broke iGPU + dGPU setup

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iGPU + dGPU problem with latest windows 11

hardware used: Asus RX580, Sapphire GPRO X080 (aka RX6700 without video outputs), Asus Z790 Extreme, Asus Strix Z690-A, Gigabyte Z690 Master, i5-13600k, WD SN850, Samsung 990 pro, Samsung Pm981.

When im using intel iGPU UHD770 as primary display output and discrete as secondary card, after latest windows 11 update you can't run DX12 games and some software - they hang/crash at start or after few seconds


after game hangs, the task manager becoming broken/unresponsive and other software that require dgpu including Radeon software. Looking like radeon card is not responding (HWinfo hangs at pci device detection)

This BUG does not exist on previous versions of 11 and windows 10.
My main SSD had latest windows and this bug was from the beggining of using UHD770+ RX6700 setup, when i took second ssd with older windows 11 system everything was working fine and after few days windows updated to 22621.2428 and the problem apears on my second SSD. 

So this bug caused only by new windows updates, they broke perfectly working things

Tested on three motherboards Asus z690/z790, Gigabyte Z690
Three ssd's SN850(main 22621.2428), Pm981 (22621.1626 or earlier)

), 990 pro + fresh windows installed 22621.2506
Two gpu's RX580/RX6700

You can check it byself use Intel iGPU as primary display output and Radeon card as secondary with  22621.2428

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