2 bugs with the new Notepad: blank taskbar titles & calculator fail

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I've found two frustrating bugs with the notepad (the version that let's you use tabs):


1. It no longer displays the name of the note in the taskbar when you don't hide labels - it just says Notepad on all open notepads. And the tab functionality still works in normal explorer windows where it'll say the name of whatever tab you're on in the taskbar, but it's broken in Notepad.


2. When I click the calculator button on my keyboard while using notepad, it no longer opens the calculator, yet it continues to work any other time I'm on a different program. Super frustrating cos the time I use the calculator most is when I'm in notepad.

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Are you using insider build?
Have you update them?
In this case, please open the Feedback Hub app and report this issue.
Insider build? No I don't think so.. I've reported it but I want more people to see this. Can you also copy and paste my write up there and send it to them so there's more people sharing this feedback?
First issue is solved as of 14 May and version 11.2303.40.0. Calculator issue still persists
There is no need to copy and paste your writing, you may just create a new feedback and share the link so other will be able to vote.

And second issue (calculator not working) is fixed as of 27 June 2023 with version 11.2304.26.0



Not for me. I have version 11.2306.15.0 and the calculator button on my keyboard still fails to launch the calculator when I have notepad topmost.