Working with multiple work accounts on a windows 10 device

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Hello everyone


I think it's time for me to vent my frustration about working with multiple work/education accounts on a windows 10 device...


First of all, I have 3 Microsoft Accounts (1x Personal; 1x Work; 1x Education) and oh boy, it's very very frustrating to get all these 3 Accounts work together on the same windows 10 device with one Userprofile.


Working with my Personal and Work (or Education) account on the same device works fine, no problems, but as soon as I add additionally either my Work or Education Account in the Windows 10 settings under "Account > Email & accounts" things starting to get complicated.

  • Sync issues across every app that uses one of these work/education accounts (classic Office Apps, ToDo, Edge, OneNote)
  • Upload blocks in the office apps (Word, Excel...) & Credential Errors
  • 4x/day a notification toast that my work accounts need to fix... blabla -> I click okay, now fix it -> Accounts fixed -> later in the day, same error occurs...


I just want to use all my accounts on the same device with the same Userprofile, I really love the Microsoft 365 Platform but these things driving me crazy.


I had a time, in there I worked completely online, but yeah, we all know how cool it is to work with the online versions of Office Apps. I also tried multi-bootable windows installations or multiple Userprofiles and it worked, but I often need to access files/services that are stored in the OneDrive from my Education Account or vise versa, so it's really impracticable.


Then I tried to link my accounts just in these apps where I need it, but Windows 10 really have fun on it to write in my accounts under the named windows 10 settings location. 


Has anyone a best practice, tips/tricks etc. everything helps... Thanks.

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I would just add my work account only to apps that I want to use, there is a checkbox that if you leave it checked, it will let apps use it by default.
if you uncheck it, you will be able to log in to each app separately using your work account so not all apps will have access to it.
for Edge browser, what's the problem exactly?
I tried this as well, but this checkbox where I can say "let your organization manage your device" or something (I don't know the right sentence) does not appear anymore, idk why but I know which checkbox you mean.

I recently reset my whole machine (again) to make a clean setup, but this checkbox never appeared. Even when I signed in through e.g Word or Excel.

In edge chromium I noticed that my accounts (just the work and/or education profiles) have issues to sync. I often get a message that there are problems with syncing or that the sync option completely lost its function, in terms of activating the sync function at all. But I think, this is more a problem on the Microsoft sync services and not that I have multiple accounts linked to my device. At this time, all edge profiles are synchronized and working but I'm just waiting for the issues to appear again...

Same issue@preuley30 

Any fix available ?