Windows Update problems: Freezing and browsers not working

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I would like to let you know of a severe problem I faced after windows updated were installed on 15th of July.

The updates were

- KB4565503

- KB4565627

- KB4566785
With these updates I faced the following problems.
Mouse pointer freezing. Trackpad and keyboard not responding to clicks/presses.
Completely unable to launch and browser, Edge or Chrome and Firefox would crash at startup.
Almost every application would get stuck for very long periods of time for no reason and then work again after a while. All the while CPU, GPU and HDD utilisation all looked normal and within limits.
I was able to finally get my Laptop to respond to mouse better after uninstalling 


After additionally uninstalling KB456527, I was able to launch the browsers as normal.

I lost two days of laptop usage because of this.

Did anyone else face the same problem?

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So maybe I posted a bit too soon. The freezing happens much later now but also comes out of it sooner.

Maybe I need to remove even the third update.

Also, something weird with the wifi and internet status.

Ok so nothing worked and I had to do a full windows re-install to get it to work again.

Not sure what the problem is. So far after coming up to 2004 and then adding all the latest updates no issues so far. Firefox works. Have switched to Firefox now. 

Hello @makdtm : 


I suggest to check section "Known issues in this update" of the Windows 10 Update History page. For build 2004 visit:


If the problem you are facing is not included there we encourage to use the Send feedback to Microsoft with the Feedback Hub app




Juan S.

Thanks for the update. I did a format and re-install on windows so that looks fixed now.
I found one article ( which describes exactly the wifi problem that I faced.
In your suggested link I did not find anything relevant or detailing exactly what I faced.
After re-install everything is working. I had only one instance where the old faulty behaviour showed up and it was after I installed Mcafee Livesafe again. but that also did not happen consistently like before.

Will monitor and report in the link you suggested if I find the issue recurring.



Windows won't let me remove KB4566785. Can you please tell me how you uninstalled KB4566785? I was only able to uninstall KB4565503. 



My issue has been with this update crashing my MS Office 365 and MS Works 9.0.


I cannot uninstall KB4566785. What should I do? Why is Microsoft doing this to their customers? Shameful. 


Hello @chdiker 

KB4566785 is an update for the servicing stack only. Although they are shipped as an update, they are different from traditional cumulative updates because they target only the update components of windows servicing. More information:


Juan S.

Hi @chdiker


It is very unlikely the installation of KB4566785  is causing the issue you are describing with MS Office 365 and MS Works 9.0 as this update only targets improvements to the servicing stack component of the OS. 

I encourage you check with Office support for this particular problem you are facing.


Thanks and regards,

Juan S.

No idea. I was only able to fix my problems when I re-installed windows.