Windows Update Broke WMI Service

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I have an issue that I posted to the forum about a week ago, and they recommended me to this forum.


Long story short, after windows update KB5008212, WMI service in windows has broken. I think this was somewhere around the Windows 21H2 update in terms of timing. If I start my PC with WMI service enabled, certain programs like notepad++, github, python, etc all seem to start up, pause for a moment, then close without a warning or error message. Just open, pause, close. This makes my PC functionally unusable since nothing works. If I turn off WMI service, my PC seems to run perfectly fine, but Unity3D refuses to boot up since WMI isn't available to it. Since I use Unity3D for alot of my programming and game design, I really need it operational. It doesn't matter how long it takes since I don't need it immediately, but I do need it running.

For more information, I've detailed my entire problem and steps I've taken to try to solve it here:


If anyone could give me any pointers or assistance, I would be incredibly greatful!

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Have you tried uninstalling this specific windows update?

EDIT: Sorry, just noticed that you mentioned you did in your other post already. I am having a similar issue with this update and WMI and will update you if I come up with any other solution.

@Olfi01 At the time of me writing this, for some reason it really wouldn't let me. Now it is. I'll try rebooting and see what it does. I will be 5 minutes....

You'd never believe it, I've spent weeks trying to uninstall that update to no luck, it always threw an error. I go to get a picture of the error, and it uninstalls juust fine. Reboot later, and it's all fixed XD

Guess it's just my PC doing it's thing. Unity3D boots fine now, and I don't have that issue anymore. Thankyou for helping me!
Glad I helped! My issue was also fixed by uninstalling the KB5008212 update, restarting, then uninstalling the next update that windows had installed in its place and restarting again. Before the second restart, the issue would persist.