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need help compiling i tried many diffrent ways to compile and getting errors what is the proper way of compiling .i tried compiling app.xaml app.cpp app.h compiled each alone then tried compiling all together and i still get lots of errors and is there even a book all i could find on winrt/c++ is old book on amazon that is useless now

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I suggest using
all the information there is free.

@HotCakeX thx i will look at that but could you maybe point me to something more specific thx in advance

there is a search bar there, you can enter your keywords and things you want to find and it will list them for you, you can also use search engine and write "microsoft docs" at the end of your query.
thx alot i will try this out
You're welcome!
yeh ill be looking around for stuff winrt/C++ just looking for the code to compile and fix my
error of to many intializers when using multipleviews winrt/c++ example complains about
scenario1 3 & SecondaryViewPage

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