Windows Slowing Down

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The title says it all. It was 2 days ago when i decided to download a game from pirating website. Everything was right untill when it's on the installation, my laptop suddenly goes to sleep and when i turn it on, i was faced by blue screen saying VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR. After the rebooting, my laptop takes so long on processing. I do the chkdsk /f and /r on my hdd, and since the blue screen report told me about there is something wrong with my graphic card, so I'm also do the uninstall and reinstall my nvidia. It helps me to make my laptop run smoother, untill i realize my games are not running properly. I do a lot of things such doing the full scan with malwarebytes, running with my ccleaner. But my video games still not in their normal conditions.
Then i found something is wrong with my hdd when i tried to copy files from external hdd to my hdd, the copy speed wont go higher than 3Mbps and it will stay on 0Kbps untill i decided to cancel the process. But then i found it more interesting when i try to copy paste the files from my external hdd to my sdd, the copy speed is reaching 200Mbps even though suddenly it stay at 0Kbps for a while, but at least the system could make it done. And recently, when i tried to restart my laptop, the restart process takes forever and leaving me no choice except forde shutdown.

Sorry for the long explanation, i just want to make it crystal clear since I'm so confused untill i don't know what to do because i have tried every solution. Is it a hardware problem or system problem? I hope you guys could help me now, every reply would be appreciated.
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it seems to be a hardware problem, probably your external HDD is failing or has bad sectors.
try checking its health.