Windows Password Sign-In option is missing

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I encounter a notebook whereby when the user boot up the Windows, it has only 2 options to login, PIN and Microsoft account (email). The offline/local "password" option is missing.



I have check the Sign-In option page, the Password is configured:


Previously the Password option was available, user is not sure what setting was done that causes the change in the sign-in option.

Anyone know how to revert this back to the local account sign-in?



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it's a normal behavior. on my personal computer, I have 2 accounts. 1 of them is my main administrator account that is connected to my Microsoft account so i can access my data easily on all apps. I also have a local Windows account that is not connected to any Microsoft account.

when I try to login to my main account, I only have the option to use the PIN I defined or use my Microsoft account Password, there is no local password when the Windows account is connected to Microsoft account.

When I try to login to my other local Windows account, I have the option to use the local password.

so if your account is local, then you have the option to use local credentials.
if your account is connected to Microsoft account, then you only have the option to use Microsoft account password or PIN (PIN is more recommended for improved security).
Hello. If the user knows the pin and password for the Microsoft account Which has been synchronised with this computer - this operation is simple requires in the account settings - removing synchronisation - providing a Microsoft pin and password , and then creates a local account by entering a new password for Windows ,as a local account . But I do not understand why the user wants to give up synchronisation with Microsoft account - it provides better running services and the correctness of many processes . I advise against going to a local account without windows experience. Please write how did you >?
Hi... I just discovered that option under "Your Info" to recreate a Local account. Just wondering how the Local account went disappeared in the first place. I assume was due to user sync it with a Microsoft account.

Well, I am not entirely sure what is the benefit of synching it with a Microsoft account. It is a business used notebook. So we don't really use a Microsoft account. Hence we always set it up as Local account.

If it is a corporate computer [ then I certainly do not recommend a local Windows account = this setting should be managed by an administrator in the enterprise, due to the proper level of security of the end devices and your computer would be beyond protection = the weakest point! Good luck Andrew


Yes, it is most likely because that user connected their local Windows account to their Microsoft account.


Sync in Windows settings:




About sync settings on Windows 10 devices (


You don't really need Windows sync, it causes no issue for you if you don't enable it, it's just a personal preference.

adding your Microsoft account to Windows just simplifies many things, it automatically shows your emails in the Mails app, shows your notes in OneNote app, shows your Sticky notes, shows your account picture in Windows, lets you access the list of your apps in Windows store, connect to Xbox services and chat and many more.