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Whenever I send emails to people, my name appears as my mom's name. I have already tried going to settings and have tried changing my name in "send mail as" multiple times and this issue has not been solved. I have tried changing my name in google and on my account as well. What do I do? I'm getting tired of people mistaking me for my mom.


I have also tried going into my account settings, and changing the name that is displayed but it shows up as my name and not my mother's. The only time it shows up as my mom's name is after an email has been sent, or when I am replying to an email sent to me. I'll scroll my mouse over the name and it shows the correct email address, but with my mother's name next to it. Please help!!



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Anyone? It's been since December 14th, and no replies?

I'd also like to add that when I reply to emails using my phone... My name is correct. So it seems to be only happening when I use Mail program on my laptop. I wonder if there is a way to fix it, or reinstall or update the program to see if that would fix the issue.

Help, please?