[Windows Kiosk Mode] How to remove the other visual keyboard suggestions?

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We have a touch screen accessible to everyone.

It is possible to do a search on it.

As a result, a virtual keyboard is displayed for entering text. Everything is going well so far.

But a button is present and allows anyone to change the appearance of the keyboard (size too small to be used) and its position.

The screen is positioned at a certain height, in relation to the ground.

For accessibility reasons, the keyboard must be ABSOLUTELY at the bottom of the screen.

The button highlighted in yellow allows users to change the position / appearance of the keyboard (see image).

The consequence is visible in the image.

The keyboard is too high for some users and therefore unusable.


How do I stop this button from being present? Thus, the keyboard is locked at the bottom and its appearance remains the same all the time.

Should we play with the registry? If yes, how ?





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