Windows Enterprise Creators update 1703 installed on some computers in our office

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Not sure if I am missing anything but from what I can see the update 1703 for Entreprise is not available currently and certainly from looking on my Windows 10 enterprise installation it is not an option to download even with the update assistant.


The odd thing is that 3 of the computers in our office have had it applied without anyone requesting it.


To make it even more odd all of the installations are from the same image so surely they should either all have it available or none of them....?!

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It sounds like you are trying from Windows Update, it is published there but the rollout is throttled/staggered, so not every PC sees it at the same time. It will also be available for download from the VLSC as an ISO on 1 May.

Thats the thing I was not trying before and assumed that we would be in control of when it would roll out to Enterprise installations but suddenly we had 3 computers with issues and found a windows.old folder and then established they had updated.

Not a major issue but frustrating to not have that control for an enterprise installation.
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you can control this by choosing when to rollout updates with WSUS or if you won't want to use WSUS but use WU, you can use the Windows Update for Business GPO policies.

As long as any workstation has access to MU/WU they can go around your WSUS rules.

There is a group policy setting you can do to block access to MU/WU


Remove access to use all Windows Update features


This snuck into the 1607 group policy after it was released. 

Note this setting does not impact Windows store.