Windows does not boot but restart over and over again after black and blank windows logo

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Hello all!


I have a Windows 10 Lenovo T-series laptop.


First of all, I modified nothing before going to bed last night. I wrote two eulogical poems about my eldest brother and the best gift for child Jesus and how God the Father sent five angels to get the best gift for his son and how the teardrop of a repentant person is the best gift for His son. That's all I did. Yesterday. On Microsoft Word.


This morning when I opened the laptop, Windows loaded but everything was frozen. There was an error message about something wrong with Microsoft One Drive. Default 5 GB. It's almost full. About 424 MB left. So as the laptop was frozen I restarted.


Now after showing the Lenovo logo on the screen and the windows logo with the circular loading widget on a blank black screen, it goes onto restart again. Then it does the same thing. Same Lenovo logo. After that Windows logo on a black, shabby, decrepit, dilapidated, damp, lonely, dark, shady, bleak, same ol' same ol', and boring background.


Now I am baffled, confounded, perplexed, bewildered, and surprised by the problem. What could be the problem? 


I tried to log onto safe mode by following the given URL below but I cannot boot into safe mode either. I know and I am confident that I did everything right exactly as instructed on that page. Same logo. Same restart. For an infinitesimally small fragmented time over infinite, past, present and futuristic, Einsteinian coordinate system or space-time continuum. 


Can anybody kindly help me to fix this problem? Thank you. 



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do you remember the version of Windows 10 you were using?
when it keeps rebooting, your Windows 10 should automatically go into the troubleshooting screen, it doesn't?

Okay, earlier I made a system restore USB stick from another computer. I can boot from that and use the command prompt.


But when I type to boot into safe mode:


X:\windows\system32>bcdedit /set {default} safeboot minimal
The boot configuration data store could not be opened.
The configuration registry database is corrupt.




Try clean installing Windows 10 again.

if there are important files in your C drive that you don't want to lose (because for clean install you have to format C drive), use a Linux live disk to copy them to another drive.

@HotCakeX  I have tried having a fresh install and clean reinstall (both options). But everything is failing. It says getting ready then the Lenovo laptop restarts but the processes fail. 


I even tried fixing startup problems and removing the last windows update with wusa (says no such internal command or batch file) and dism with Image option as online option is not acceptable saying there is a problem. But everything has failed with an error message. When I do:


x:\windows\System32>dir c:
I/O error on device.


But I can mount the hard drive /dev/sda2 on a separate folder (Solid State Drive) using installed Debian Stretch as NTFS mount type with the commands mount /dev/sda2 /win10 then cp -R /win10/* /winstorage/. that was partitioned with gparted downloaded like apt-get update && apt-get install gparted).


I can even copy all the files from C: No problem. Can anyone tell me what should I do now?


When I ran chkdsk c: /f /x /r it reports 0 bad sectors 0 bad registers or there is anything wrong with the hard drive. But after couple of minutes later the command refuses to run fully. It returns prematurely with exit status -1 on stderr.  


P.S. This System Rescue USB strick which is 32GB or 32 x 1024 MB is not created on my Lenovo computer. But made on a different HP desktop Windows 10 PC.




maybe a hardware problem then?
because you said even clean installing with a fresh new ISO file fails too..bad sector maybe?

@HotCakeX  The laptop is only 2 years old with SSD drive. Isn't it theoretically impossible for an SSD drive to become corrupted?

Technically I can corrupt my M.2 256GB SSD in only 3 months approx if i write constantly on it or use it in high temperatures.
but I haven't had any corrupt SSDs yet.


Annotation 2019-12-09 125739.png


anyway, if a clean Windows ISO wouldn't install on my PC, i would 100% suspect there is something wrong in my BIOS/UEFI or hardware. it can't be the Windows itself cause millions of people already use it.

@HotCakeX  Again sorry to bother you. And sorry for my ignorance. But isn't it a common problem that when windows configuration have the freedom to update everything all the time for a pc or laptop then updating a certain update might not suit a particular computer so Windows won't load normally or boot up even in safe mode or winCE mode either at all?