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In Settings > System > Clipboard

I found out, that if Clipboard history is ON and Sync across devices is ON, then the copied material is uploaded to Microsoft.


If Clipboard history is OFF and Sync across devices is OFF, the copied material is definitely not uploaded to Microsoft?



Can Clipboard history upload a file to Microsoft?



When Clipboard history  is updated (I can see the list update realtime Windows + v), and I meantime monitor network activity, there is no upload activity.

How can that be, when the sync setting is ON?

When is the upload / sync happening?



If I go offline. Clipboard history is ON and Sync across devices is ON.

Is the file then being synced later / when online?


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Hello @emil frederiksen,


Well, I'll try to answer your questions, hope I could.

1. Yes.
2. I'm not sure about file, but it is content in Text, HTML, and Bitmap.

3. Clipboard is cloud-based, just like OneDrive so with new changes it should start syncing.

4. Yes, it will sync when you connect later.

Also check:


Hope this answers your query!

Thank you for your reply

Sync across devices
“Microsoft receives your clipboard data”
Is this still the same elements shown in Windows + V?
And are still only Bitmap, Text and HTML elements?

If Clipboard history is ON the copied elements are stored on the PC, what is the directory / path to this folder?