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Windows 8 data loss

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When I installed windows 8.1 it formatted my all disk what can I do
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Windows 8.1 doesn't automatically format disks, it provides you with multiple options, just like any other OS, you must've done it during installation process.
now you can try using data recovery software so that maybe, you will be able to get your files back.
there are lots of them you can look up online, don't want to provide any links to advertise for any of them.

@Aditya_Shankar5 wrote:
When I installed windows 8.1 it formatted my all disk what can I do

Hello @Aditya_Shankar5,


Formatting disk usually requires your consent. Did you hit Format button at following screen during the installation?




To recover the data from formatted drive, you need to use third-party data recovery app or services. Most of such apps can recover data, if the new data is not written on the sectors it belongs to.


Good luck!

No it just formatted automatically and I did not done anything
it's okay, you can do nothing at this point and take your hard drive to a professional to recover it for you, it can be expensive but might be worth it if the data is valuable to you.

if you proceed to install an OS and partition your hard drive, you basically lower the chance of recovering your data as you will overwrite on those data.

Microsoft has a new tool for file recovery, you can install Windows 10 and use that tool to attempt a file recovery