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Windows 7 slow internet

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I have a Dell Latitude Laptop that I use occasionally for Windows related stuff.  Just updated my Comcast internet to 400 Mbps.


With this PC when I connect to the 5.0 Ghz wireless network the network status shows 385 Mbps however when I run the Comcast internet speed test I only measure 85 Mbps.  With the  iMac same location, same network, I measure with the Comcast internet speed test 425 Mbps.  All my other devices Andriod, IOS, Mac measure very fast internet next to the router.


Why is the Dell Laptop so slow when the adapter status shows such a good connection speed.


I use Firefox Infinity Speed test to measure the download internet performance.




Tried everything to make it fast, no luck.

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Windows7 is currently useless and should not be connected to the internet!
Please install Windows10 which is stable and fast!


If this link is not in your language, please search in your browser.

good luck


Hello! You've posted your question in the Tech Community Discussion space, which is intended for discussion around the Tech Community website itself, not product questions.


While we don't have a Windows 7 space in the community, but I'm moving your question to the Windows 10 space- please post Windows questions here in the future.