Windows 11 left and empty 93GB partition?

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When I installed Windows 11, it was on a blank 1TB NVME drive with no partitions. After the installation I am left with four partitions.




Disk Manager shows the following:
#1 = 100 mb EFI partition
#2 - 837 gb C:
#3 - 93 gb unallocated partition
#4 - 749 mb unknown partition (recovery? Does Windows user this space when doing a reset?)

I opened Diskpart to try to assign a letter to partition #3, but Diskpart does not agree with Disk Manager. There is no 93gb partition listed.



Why would windows leave a 93 gb unallocated space on my drive? Why doesn't Diskpart and Disk Manager agree with each other? Can I grow my 837 gb partition using the 93 gb space?

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Go to the disk management app, format the unallocated partition and assign a new drive letter to it.
Thanks, I got it!
OP, do you have the issue fixed? I need some help on the same problem.