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lately I was having problems with my pc about the overload and the higher uses of the disk, and I've found out that the problem was part of the latest update which was released on the windows update, yet I hadn't no ideia before that this problem was causing by the lastest updated, so for being sure which my computer hadn't none problem with the disk, I've used the command on the CMD painel "chksdks" but before I use this command on the CMD, I could see two resources on my pc, one of them it was the new news and interests on the my Windows 10 taskbar and another it was the panel up the configurations meno with onedrive, windows update and informations about rewards as too my profile picture on the top of this menu but after I passed this command at the CMD "CHKDSK /R /F" I've lost these resources, my pc is working fine and also my HD but I've lost these two functions on my pc. I would like to see them again.


Thank you so much.


In down you can see the pictures about what I'm talking about.


thank you so much for the help.











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The command you applied turned off the onedrive app launcher when booting the System, please enable it to sync with your Microsoft account at the same time in the settings and Edge must also be enabled to sync with your Microsoft account! Good luck.
Thank you so much and How can I do it?
In Windows settings - apps-settings - startup should be enabled OneDrive.
In edge profile settings when you open - enable sync for your account on all devices. if you did not understand something, please write!
Thank you so much, I tuned on it again, Now I will wait to see this resources again.

Thank you so mcuh.
Please restart your computer!
Good luck and thank you
I've already restarted my computer but I can't see them yet.
Please search for the OneDrive app on your PC and go to run as an administrator I don't see another option.
Thank you so much, I will wait a little while to see these resources again, I've done what you've said but I can't see these resources yet. The Microsoft said I need to waiting a little bit for seen them, my computer will update with them automatically
Now I checked because I also did not have One Drive on the taskbar, but just search in Windows search and click and it starts automatically without additional admin privileges with me it works.
I'll ask if your Windows has synchronization enabled with your Microsoft account for this pc, please check your Windows account settings and if Windows Hello is configured because it helps with security!

Yeha, the One drive is working well but What I said is that I can't see the news and interests on my task bar I used to see this resource before I used the CHKDKS so I want to get this resources again and also I can't see the top bar above the configuration menu.


As you can see in this picrute: 





otherwise I can't see the same on my pc: 





Neither the news and interests widget on my taskbar, my windows is already up to date


My one drive is working properly


Please check in bing settings, but it may show up after the next update, but I do not know .



As you can see I have this updated installed yet. 




Ok thank you so much. I will wait
I see that you have the latest update congratulations - this is an optional preview update. I also have on many computers and some have these additional icons, and others do not, so it is not predictable, but does not affect the work of the computer

Yeah I know that but as I said, before I used the chkdsk command I could see these additional icon and also the configuration bar, but after I use it I've lost both of them, I know this doesn't affect the work but I would like to get them back.

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Already close to 21H1 I'm also waiting - everything will work!
I hope so
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Already close to 21H1 I'm also waiting - everything will work!

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