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If Windows 10 was reinstalled on a computer How do I attain another License for that same computer?

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This may not be good news but you may have to buy one..


I presume you hit a serious issue and re-imaged Windows 10. Did you have the free Windows 7 update to Windows 10 - I did and had to re-install and got myself to same situation - you need a valid Windows 10 licence key to continue, and from memory have 30 days to comply...


I was lucky and had an Action Pack subscription for my Partner account so had a key available. Do you have your original Windows licence, or a key from your ISV that you purchased a Windows machine from ?


Suggest contacting Microsoft support - your original Windows 10 key may be tagged to your Microsoft Account and they may be able to help provide it so you can enter it manually..


I guess you have already wiped your machine so no chance of recovering the key from anywhere on the box..


All the best sorting this out..


Would love to know if anyone else hit this and found a workaround..



If the computer was connected to the Internet when it was licensed it will have registered the hardware and license with Microsoft. As long as the hardware hasn't changed significantly you will get the previous activated license back when you connect the fresh image to the Internet.

It depends on how you originally acquired the license.  If you received Windows when you purchased the device, it may have a license marker in the motherboard firmware.  If that's the case, Windows will automatically use it during a clean installation of a supported image.  Your device may also have the product key sticker located somewhere on the case of your device, in which case you'd enter that once you'd reinstalled.  If you purchased Windows separately, you should have the product key in the software packaging.