Windows 10 wake up after hibernate. in the middle of night

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Windows 10 wake up after hibernate. in the middle of night, I check and turn off all USB wake up or software, turns off wake up timers, disable Wake on LAN, 

Disable auto wake up for windows update, but seems it's not help, when Win 10 want to update it wake up itself, and I must let him to update ...


Any body know the solution ?

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Have you gone through every entry in device manager and unchecked (if present) the option to allow the device to wake the computer?

FWIW, I have the same problem (not yet taken my own advice!) and turn the power supply's switch off once the PC has hibernated. 

Problem not in devices, 100%

It's software issue.

I think this is Windows updater bug


OK, understood. I gave the answer above as you were looking for a solution...

disable all devices' ability to wake the PC...


it doesn't wake up by itself any more then the updates occurring were a coincidence and you can re-enable the ability to wake the PC one or two devices at a time until you find the one to leave disabled.


all devices are set to not wake the PC up and it still does wake up, you have successfully excluded a common cause.


If you wish to officially report this as a software bug, I would be surprised if the people dealing with that did not ask you to do something similar to what I've described.


Good luck!