Windows 10 upgrade - How to reinstall Windows 10

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We have computers that had Windows 7 and were upgraded to Windows 10.

We now want to upgrade them from HDD to SSD.

Previously (before the upgrade expiry) we would just use the Windows 7 media to install on SSD and then upgrade to Windows 10.


With expiry of the Windows 10 upgrade, how can we maintain our Windows 10 on the new SSD drives?

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Hi Gilbert


I would recommend you purchase the following


 x 1 USB 3.0 Startech USB to Sata


Samsung Evo 850 range off SSDs


You can use Data Migration Version 3.0 to migrate


Many Thanks 


Just a quick video on how to use Samsung's Data Migration Software version 3.0This is an OS and data migration updated for 2017Link to the software:http://ww...

Thanks for the info.  Will try it out.