[windows 10 updates] problems install updates kb5011048 kb5031224 kb5031356

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Hi community,


My windows 10 keeps been trying to install unsuccessfully 3 updates:

kb5011048 kb5031224 kb5031356


After long install, after computer restart applying updates I then see message "we couldn't install updates, cleanin up" any suggestions? 

This is making my stressed, is there any suggestions?

I noticed in the many times i started windows update popup where i see the 3 updates, that they get installed in different order each time, and they all get installed and restart button only appears when 3 updates show message pending restart/installed




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I don't know what's up with KB5031356, but I've had problems like this as well.
I reinstalled windows 10 via START Mrnu > shift+restart > repair and it downloaded, installed windows 10 again with keep files option, and after installation windows update downloaded/installed several updates including the 3 that i was having difficulties.

It was fast process to repair windows and with added benefit that my laptop become much faster booting up.


I did get it reinstalled, but it has the latest update that Windows keeps trying to install.  I am not going through that mess again.  I guess it will just keep doing that unless there's a way I can get rid of this non-update without uninstalling the one that's installed.