Windows 10 Update Management

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since the last two weeks I have been trying to update my windows 10(a 3gb file). But this update interface of windows settings is so unstable that every time the wi-fi disconnects for a second its cancels the whole download and I have to restart it from the beginning. They should have made it like a download manager where we can pause and resume the downloading of such huge sized files. It's been a very annoying experience. I tried downloading it from the browser but its unavailable there too. Despite of my urge to download the update I am unable to do so. 

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try the Windows 10 Update Assistant or Media Creation Tool from this page

Why does your WiFi keep disconnecting?

Hi, you can download windows 10 ISO file using IDM or Browser and this process generates windows 10 ISO file download link for 24 hours. 

Click on this link:

thanks this is great but won't I run into the same problem? I still have to figure out why it thinks WSS is on my laptop?
my wifi isn't disconnecting...